A Place In The Sun - 13/1/2015

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  1. These people are demented, who do they think is coming? Yeah family might come once a year in the beginning but then no more and I'm sure any of those houses could accommodate anyone coming to visit. It's too quiet it's too crowded. Seems she won't ever be satisfied because she wants alot on a tiny purse.
  2. It would help if they learned to say the name of the área and towns  properly! If you are planning on living somewhere it does help if you know how  pronounce it.  But yet again when does an "expat" or wannabe bother with courtesies like that? Made me laugh what she thinks is a "gorgeous view" too!  She should have seen the place before they swamped it with ticky tacky houses.  Squinting at the sea around someone elses gable end, is not what I would call  "Gorgeous"  5,000 people? There was probably about 500 when I knew it! Lol
  3. I would gladly subscribe if you put close captions , there are lots of us hard of hearing
  4. Joke : " 80,000 pounds is worth a lot more than 80,000€.
    Not for much longer.
    Greedy Brit.
  6. FINALLY one of these type shows where a person doesn't buy one of the homes!! (Granted I've never seen this exact program before). I can never understand why these type programs the buyer always always chooses one of a few, even if they don't love it. If you can, keep shopping & find a more perfect one!
  7. This woman is living proof of the term "whinging Pom"!
  8. What she wants for 90k! What planet is she on?!
  9. The first home was the best and a really good price.
  10. What's with you brits ?
    Want to move abroad, then turning down properties because the area isn't british enough.
    Then why move abroad ?
  11. My ideal would be to live nearish(within reasonable driving distance 15-20mins) a city such as Barcelona in a villa/house with internet, 3 bedrooms(one i could use as study),
    sea or mountain view, car port,small private pool and reasonable sized say 15' x 30'outside area
  12. an english run bar just what you dont want believe me....
  13. I really like this video. You shown me more place very beautiful. Hope to see another video