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  1. The day Jon discovered maxibon, hahahah
  2. Why is the golf cart not camo!?
  3. Reminder change the fucking solor of the green pool :P Blue ty =)
  4. This where it all started. MAXIBON ERA.
  5. "But it's been a hectic few weeks, because we started doing a videoblog, EVERY SINGLE DAY" hahahaha
  6. I understand Jon. It's called OCD, my 13 year old has it, I do too. You can't rest til something is perfect!
  7. I like the green pool
  8. What about doing a blue cameo pool to match the house?
  9. U should have got the performance pack on your golf cart
  10. Any pinoys watching here?😄
  11. Can you recommend your architect ? We also have a home in Marbella, but the architect my family chose isn't very good. Thanks.
  12. what kind of golf cart is that
  13. i like the green pool:(
  14. damn I love the green pool hahaha
  15. Lol 7:23 look these bikers were taking them
  16. What drone do you use?
  17. Life goals
  18. What is the brand of the golf car??
  19. what's his job that he is so rich ?