Best Palma de Mallorca road trip - GoPro Hero 4

Author: Alan Rapotec
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  1. where did you stay?
  2. I have looked at a few of these videos and have determined that they all turn to sausage fests. I wish some girls were in them.
  3. Nice
  4. Came here for the Tiddies.
  5. 김옥자(형수)
  6. В этой компании столько пацанчиков и только одна телочка?
    Что-то здесь не так!
  7. Shame these beautiful places are over run with drunk idiots, thinking its cool to get smashed every night.
  8. stopped at 0:59...
  9. Nobody is going to bring you "who knows what to sit there and drink it - stipulations"?
  10. I love your V´s :D Just amazing and very good!!!

    You did a very good job! ;)
    my videos may be not as good as yours but maybe you could give me some tips :D
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  13. 1:26 Wo war das? :)
  14. nice tits
  15. great video track, check out mine for your videos.
  16. great Video!!!
  17. This video brought me back to way back. I got to chill in Palma years ago. Big Chillin
  18. Awesome video! Thanks :)
  19. Here you have a new fresh video of Summer in Mallorca!