Best tv ad - Heineken "Majorca"

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An old Heineken ad, but still one of the best. We LOVE innovation and we LOVE innovative ads. Breakthrough Funding - cash for innovation.


  1. he's trying to teach her a typical LONDON (cockney accent), she's too "QUEENS ENGLISH" then she drinks some heineken and she turns into a cockney (with swagga one of the girls). Love when she sniffs to clear her nose at the end, i was waiting for her to gob on the floor but they didn't go that far CLASSIC
  2. @actornwriter She was in that thing with Neil Pearson too, in which you saw rather a lot of her. Ahem. The bloke, I think, is the late Brian Pringle.
  3. The actress in this, Sylvestra De Tourzel, is in "Appropriate Adult" on Sunday night.
  4. @pianoplayeruk Ah yes - "I walked about a bit on my own... no, no,.. I strolled around without anybody else... oh dear oh dear..." *cracks can"...
  5. Darn ! they had big and cheap cans before.
  6. 0:53 Yup yep what?!?!
  7. It sounds like she's drunk
  8. @Sepiroth85 No London estuary vowels after Heineken! Before she was speaking in received pronounciation similar to the way Queen Elizabeth 2nd speaks!
  9. If Carlsberg did Heineken...
  10. They really don't make ads of this quality anymore.
  11. @Sepiroth85 Absolutely, Ron...
  12. What an accent that girl represents after drinking Heineken? Isn't it a Birmingham accent?
  13. that's when cheap wedding rings came from, from the can drinks =)
  14. @mrclassickids that womans called sylvestra le touzel buddy :)
  15. ausome!
  16. love this advert, best advert for beer! eva
  17. @azagaza369 It's an inversion of Pygmalion.
  18. @RedWine2go its not Uk beer..
  19. @9letmeseeit Yes, that is a given.
  20. @RifledBarrel classic