British Olympic Diving Team in Mallorca

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A training camp in Mallorca straight after the Olympic trials to recharge before the finals phase of preparation into London. Some hard work in the mornings but also a bit of sun and fun in the afternoon.


  1. I know one of them Chris mears I know him my mum frien son
  2. The two off the board are surely Andy banks and tonia couch?
  3. Love it! Make more videos like this please! X
  4. thats chris mears not tom
  5. What hotel is it?
  6. thats chris
  7. looka like fun xxxx
  8. Haha am I the only one who watches just Tom? oh okay...
  9. Yep all the divers r in this video.
  10. I filmed this :-)
  11. I would die having to do all that stuff. I think it is crazy what they have to do to their bodies :o
  12. No words to describe what they do with their bodies :O
  13. i acc love this!
  14. Tom and Chris on 2:46!!! xxxxx
  15. i could just watch them train all day
  16. who are the two falling romantic of 10 metre on the end?
  17. i love when pete does the 203c off the side of the pool haha
  18. thank you!! crazy gd video :D
  19. It's Tacata by El Tacata :-)
  20. hey love this vid!! and i love the song but who is it by? plz answer :D thnx