Entertainment Team Lagotel Club 2015 😀

Author: Marc Jermy
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Lukitas Cohen Angelock Locking Lucía Pérez Marc Jermy


  1. going to this hotel in September. Looks amazing 👍
  2. I stayed here a few months ago on an all inclusive and enjoyed the start
    of my holiday until I was hit with diarrhea, stomach cramps and
    sickness. It ruined most of my stay, The rep was no use but I did manage
    to put a claim in and get some money back. If any one else has had this
    problem please get in touch and I will give you the details of some one
    who can help get you at least some of your money back, you don’t even
    need to supply any medical evidence or have spoken to your rep to do
    this and the process is simple

  3. I went there fabulous holiday them entertainers were brilliant