Mallorca by Isaac Albeniz - Performed by SImon Powis

Author: Simon Powis
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Follow Simon on Facebook! This is from a recital given at Yale University in March 2010. The beautiful 'Mallorca' by Isaac Albeniz was originally written for piano but here it is played in a wonderful transcription, by Andres Segovia, for the guitar. Enjoy!


  1. BRAVO
  2. Bravo.
  3. What a beautiful tone you  have Simon ! So many colors you put in it too !Just fantastic ! Thank you ! marc
  4. pieces and play like this recall my love for classical guitar
  5. Beautiful performance.  What does Simon use for guitar support?
  6. This is the most difficult song I ever learned to play, and it is very hard to keep smooth during several large chord changes. Simon's technique and interpretation are amazingly executed. The runs and chord positions are quite difficult in spots and he makes it sound smooth as butter. I can't believe how perfectly controlled his left hand is, and it shows in the recording by the fact that "screeching" from rubbing the strings between chord changes is almost non-existent. That little detail of his playing style is one of the hardest things to perfect for expert level songs like this, and must have took quite a bit of devotion for many years to achieve. The gentle introduction to the uplifting second half of the song knocked my socks off. I loved playing that chord more than any other, and played the heck out of it every time since it's quite a bit of work to get there and this song can only be played well with lots of emotion. Now I see how to properly play it to captivate the audience instead of the guitarist. Wonderful!
  7. Superb. Very enjoyable.
  8. Absolutely wonderful. You make that beautiful Paul Sheridan guitar really sing.
  9. Your capitol I is freakin' me out! lol (for real though)
  10. hahaha
  11. dang this inspired me to practice... now i have a blister on A finger.
  12. Hello Simon, i absolutely love your music, couple of days ago i bought the departure album from itunes and its incredible. i am actually teaching myself how to play classical guitar but i do not read music, only tab. Question: would you be so kind to avail Tabs of some of your music? Thank you so much.
  13. Nice ponticello dude, makes me scrunch my face and snarl my nose!
  14. @phillipoph Haha, cheers mate.
  15. @victormainguitar Thanks Victor! Maybe I will see you around the city sometime.
  16. This is really terrific playing, I am going to go practice right now!
  17. Awesome.
  18. @SimonPowis Ah, I was going to guess spruce. Shows how much I know. Interesting choice of strings, have you ever tried out Aranjuez strings? The medium gauge silver set has become my favorite, I prefer the sound to what my guitar sounds like when it's set up with Augustines or D'addario. Of course, different strings interact with different guitars in a unique way, but if you're ever in the mood to experiment you should give them a try some time.
  19. @Chagsis It is a guitar built by Paul Sheridan (WA Australia) the back is Indian Rosewood and the top is Cedar. Classical guitars are normally made with cedar or spruce tops. The strings are good ol' D addario j 46 Hope this helps!
  20. @SimonPowis Hey, if you don't mind sharing, what kind of guitar is that/what strings do you use? I know that it's a classical (duh) I'm just wondering where you got it. Also, if you know what kind of wood is used for the different parts that would be interesting, as currently I don't really know how a particular kind of wood affects the tone of the guitar.