MOVE TO MAJORCA: The Best Realtor Tips 2017

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In our magazine we bring you the best Tips to Move to Majorca. Content · 0:00 Intro · 0:30 Moving to a new country can be the start of a thrilling chapter · 0:51 Tips to move to Majorca · 0:56 Get your NIE Number · 1:30 When buying your desired home in Majorca · 1:49 Open a Bank Account in Majorca · 2:05 Seek Legal Advice in Majorca · 2:40 Schools on Majorca · 3:04 Go to for more tips SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: PINTEREST: GOOGLE+: Overall, If you have finally made the decision to move to this beautiful island, you should: - Get your NIE number - Find your desired home with a real estate agency - Open a Bank Account - Seek legal advice - Take into account the schools in case you are coming with kids - Get Insurance We hope you found our video about The Best Tips to Move to Majorca 2017useful! In our next videos you will find other handful tips for those planning to move to Majorca, don´t forget to check them out! Looking for more tips for living in Majorca? Go to to check out our tips, news, lifestyle, expats & more!