OMSI 2 - Mallorca DLC - Route 21 - Palma Bus

Author: Steve Chester
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34m 57s Lenght
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This time i take a trip to the Airport in Mallorca, and continue to drive the Palma Bus.


  1. Don't knock it, professionalism is overrated! Without "Steve tangents" and Hans and the "thinking out loud" it would be much less entertaining. lol

    It was green!

    The 248 of us don't watch through choice, it's the only channel the institution will let us watch. :-p
    Good job dude. 8-)
  2. Hi Steve I was just wondering would you recommend this map or is it not worth the money? Also if you play a lot of OMSI I would highly recommend you getting OMSI navigation it's very helpful it can be more better than the arrows it dose cost £7.00 tho but I would suggested it
  3. Hello Steve I like  this new bus and  the maps, it looks quite stable with loading the maps.
    But London is out in 4 week's and it's cheaper so I will wait till then, I haved pre orderd London.
    hopefully there no issues with the DLC it's been put back three times already.