OMSI 2 - Mallorca Line 21 Palma Airport to S'Arenal Gameplay 4K

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OMSI 2 The Bus Simulator - Mallorca Line 21 Palma Airport to S'Arenal Gameplay 4K video. The omnibus simulator captures the famous holiday island! With the OMSI 2 Add-on Mallorca the player can experience the popular beach region on the Canaries along the Platja de Palma cities Palma, Can Pastilla, El Molinar S’Arenal. Thanks to a cooperation with the local transport service EMT Palma, the modelled routes and timetables follow the original schedule data of the Palma region. For passenger transportation, the player has one solo bus and one articulated bus at his disposal. They come with true to original liveries as well as newly recorded announcements and passenger voices. Several animations bring the scenery to life; for example, you can find cruise liners docking in the harbour and airplanes landing at Palma de Mallorca Airport. Steam: My Config: Intel core i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070. Feel free to ask any questions you have!


  1. jwjeiel
  2. moi je voudrais avoir un jeu omsi 2 j adore
  3. jsi kretén
  4. c est trop bien👌👍
  5. Quelle et ton widows
  6. The voice for the announcements it sounds just awful. The developers didn't even bother to have the voices recorded by a Spanish speaking person. Thumbs down for this addon. This comment has nothing to do with the post, or the author of this video, just a comment on the addon itself
  7. Hi, your gameplay is great ! However the map is very shitty... First, we're in Spain, sorry Baleares, then we put catalan text and voices (or even spanish), not german passenger voices and spanish announcements said by a german guy which don't speak spanish at all, the pronunciation is horrible !!! Also the route indications are in english, and we can find a lot of spanish errors in these indications and in the bus (IBIS,...).
    For these things, I think that this route is really bad, and I wouldn't recommend it at any of you !
  8. dans quelle site ent trouve s est jeux
  10. SEG NEL
  11. What's the bus?
  12. what key is last of three doors?
  13. Hát kolléga, marha szépen fut neked a játék. :)
  14. Thanks
  15. awesome video! when is the firefighter episode out? :D
  16. seu medroso de andar mais rapido seu nidiota e filha de puta
  17. anda mais rapi do seu desgramado e fila da puta
  18. Again, 1080p, not 4k.
  19. Please the model on download or addon?
  20. umm can you please play ets 2?