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One of our last days in Marbella, gonna miss that place! For more follow me here: Blog: Instagram: Snapchat: Jannideler


  1. I love you and your
    Vlogs soo much !!
  2. Jenni would be a good Mom..
  3. the number of camera angles, really you a lot of work in this, love the VLOGs
  4. oh she's a Model! 😍
  5. Oh my shocks the baby is sooooo CUTEE!!! 😍😍😘
  6. Jon: I love kiwis
    Janni: I love pineapple
    Marcus: I love chips :D
  7. does anyone know where the necklace is from Janni wears everyday :)? xxx
  8. Alltså den där första bilden du visade från "The photoshoot", profilbilden... Sååå himla perfekt och fin bild verkligen.
  9. How old is your niece? :)
  10. why i am watching this?
  11. I think i like this girl, her accent sounds nice, lemme now subscribe
  12. Where did you get your outfits in this video
  13. Alltså dina/era videos! Love Love Love 👌🏼 vad heter låten när ni fotar , då du har hatt? 💕
  14. första videon uppe, ta gärna en titt!
  15. What's the exact location of this dam?
  16. Jenni seems like a super chill person! wifey material
  17. she's Gorgeous
  18. This baby theme in the vlog is definitely a hint for Jon :D
  19. WOW, her brunette sister is GORGEOUS!
  20. cuteeee