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Video in Collaboration with Tamaris! Find the first sneakers here: The black sneakers here: For more follow me here: Blog: Instagram: Snapchat: Jannideler Music from Epidemic Sound:


  1. Hva heter dattra di?
  2. very very good
  3. Janni Deler you are cunt.
  4. love u janne
  5. Where are all your rings from?
  6. Amazing Video
  7. Song?
  8. that ass tho :O

    the ass m8 :D
  9. Janni, please try to be yourself! Don´t copy style or language from this pubescent vloger from Dubai. You are much too smart to comment your vlogs like he does.
  10. Where is the caps from?
  11. Wait, was the Jon's voice in the beginning? The look on Janni's face!! So in love!
  12. girl you are blessed
  13. I need this song :D
  14. Hard nipple. 1:15
  15. This is how Janni will look in 20 years 3:02
  16. I love marbella!
  17. I love this background house music so much :D can anyone

    pls tell me the name of the song ?
  18. Hey Janni! The first time I was at porto banus was when I´m 2 years old and last year last year. I miss Spain so much! please invite me in Summer haha before September haha please
  19. Nice vlog!
  20. I hope you know how blessed you are. I can only dream to one day be able to go there