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  1. Anyone know what Bikini she is wearing at 3:31?
  2. still not marbella :( there are such cool places in marbella.. i feel like u guys havent even been to the actual city :/
  3. Come surfing in Australia 😀
  4. in this video Marcus opens up about his cow phobia
  5. What kind of camera do you use to vlog ? ;)
  6. Jannniiii how do you get such a dark tan?
  7. Hey, what about The trash?? Ahahahahah cool......
  8. miss marcus...
  9. Janni's dad is so awesome
  10. Dam nice ass baby girl
  11. kan du inte göra några filmer på svenska
  12. If there normally never is sharks in Marbella and the one time there is one it attacks humans, then i think that statistic talks for itself.
  13. Like i told my friend who had cage dived with sharks on vacation, Thats nothing, I hugged a cow at the petting zoo. One wrong look and those beasts will take you out! :-P
  14. vart hittar man red bull badbyxorna??
  15. 11:09 the swan just decides to leave...
  16. What is the song at 6:26??
  17. Janni is a babe...
  18. That constantly running background music at the pool drives me crazy, is there any place on earth where you can enjoy and relax without any "stylish" background sound. Dont get that....
  19. Does anyone know what glasses Jon is wearing?
  20. Isn't Marcus tired to third wheel?