The greatest driving road in the world? Porsche Boxster GTS on Majorca | evo

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Porsche Boxster GTS on Spain's greatest driving roads: Our search for the world's greatest driving road heads to the Spanish island of Majorca. Can a top-down day in the superb Porsche Boxster GTS lapping up the Mediterranean sun possibly top our time exploring Romania in a Jaguar F-type?


  1. I am actually booking a holiday to Majorca because of this video!
  2. amazing
  3. Is this the 6 cylinder or the 4 cylinder turbo?
  4. great great video! I suggest EVO to try a similar video in Sardinia in May/June months... you won't regret it
  5. My respect for you has just went up 100 times since you've cycled up these climbs! Anyone fat fool can drive a car but to go for a quick time on a bike up these mountains takes a high level of fitness. Kudos indeed! Oh btw I do appreciate the car drive too 👍🏻😀
  6. two words:
    car porn
  7. I'm so glad to see everybody enjoying Mallorca, but please get your information straight, Antonio Parietti isn't Italian, he is a native born in Mallorca and die in the same place.
  8. No man should post picture in such leggings :D
    But the road is really great!
  9. Further to my earlier post, I have to blame Henry and Evo for costing me a fortune recently! This video and the black forest one convinced me I needed a Porsche in my life (Cayman GTS in my case) and just had to get out and drive these roads. Not in the Porsche sadly, but even in a Astra diesel hire car they were fun and the scenery absolutely amazing. This video is truly a masterpiece as everyone on here says. Thanks guys for encouraging me to have some truly unforgettable driving experiences recently. And yes, the Porsche really is that good!
  10. Drove Sa Calobra yesterday. Truly amazing road.
  11. still one of my favorite automotive videos
  12. Hi

    This Video with the 981 GTS is astonishing and the cinematography almost perfect...the exhaust note is divine and the overall editing superb...

    One question though:

    From what soundtrack did you take the "instrumental" music where Henry Catchpole climbs the Mountain Road to the Top of "Sa Calobra" from the minute 7 onwards in the video...?!

    To me it sounds like it was taken from "The Host" Film Original Soundtrack (OST)...
  13. Fantastic piece of cinematography
  14. The ending suggests to you that the otherworldly imagery of the surroundings is matched only by the haunting sound of this automobile.
    A sound so animalistic, it almost feels like it is leaving us at the end to return to its home in the wilds of Mallorca.

  15. I've lost count of how many times I've watched this
  16. Have watched this video 30+ times since it has been released and absolutely loving it still.
    But one thing still bugs me, there is still no knowledge about, who the music is from? EVO - any hints?
  17. I just come back from Mayorca. If you don't have enough money to rent a Porsche, I highly recommend a Mazda MX-5 (from 65€ per day). For me, driving this little toy on twisty roads of Mayorca was one of the best moments in my life. Best vacation destination for a petrolhead :)
  18. I have watched this repetitively for more than 20 times lol, Henry, please bring back more "Great Drives" Series :).
  19. This may be the most beautiful driving clip ever created; the shots of the landscape and the sea and the road (and the soundtrack!!) brought a lump to my throat. Absolutely stunning. Cinematic art of a very high order. Big thanks.
  20. Exemplary film.
    Hopefully you can take the Boxter Spyder there as well.