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  1. How many times you guys have been denied boarding? 😉
  2. Hey Jon! Nice to see that you have been to Mallorca as well! I live here and make videos on my channel about the island. So if you are here next time, hit me up and I show you some spots you won't forget! This place offers tons of awesome places. Check out one of my videos so you see what I mean :-)

    Have a good one and keep rocking your VLOGs. Overkill as always!
  3. 01:07 dude beside u like " get a real job "
  4. 1:07 that guy looks like Ivan Rakitic.
  5. Great Video! Keep it up. I love mallorca and this video reminded me of my own mallorca holidays. I was there before two weeks with my camera.
  6. Hey guys ! What hotel / apartment did you stay at ?
  7. whats the song at 1:30???? its great!
  8. Best channel on You Tube
  9. are you swedish
  10. what is the song used on the flight?
  11. Nice video. However, I doubt you qualify for a "royal" idiot. :-P
  12. I want a Douchebag shirt. How can I get one?
  13. I loooved this vlog!! I used to live in some apartments around the aera you were in at the beginning of the vlog, in San Agustin!! I was actually in Mallorca at the same time as you! I'm also from there hahaha love all your vlogs!
  14. I love Mallorca.. Will upload some of my best moments there though I traveled alone there it was super fun
  15. Wheres jannis jeans from
  16. haha im in The background 0:41
  17. are you from denmark?
  18. It's always surprising to me that he has not more followers?!
  19. what camera is the one run out of bettery ?
  20. I remember on gumball 2015 that you and a couple of other guys were trying to fix the rebellion r2k and there was a crowd just watching you.